R&D, Everyman Armor, in remembrance of Kim Kim-Kim.


September - Oktober 2010

views of the installatie Everyman Armor, in remembrance of Kim Kim-Kim, 2010, sculpture, video, New York

Robert Rhee: “I built this armor as a tribute to my North Korean cousin, the artist Kim Kim-Kim. (…) Over a period of two years we were in sporadic and secret correspondence, (…) Kim Kim-Kim referred often but enigmatically to a suit of armor he was designing for the ‘Everyman’.(…) In his last contact, Kim Kim-Kim included a blank book of handmade paper with gourd seeds embedded in the fibers and cryptic instructions outlining the beginning of the armor.(…) In building this armor and its auxiliary parts I found that something else was entering the design”

R&D situates a fully imagined proposition about empathy between the two voices of this correspondence.

The strengths of the work of R&D lay in the precision and comprehension by which they execute the theme and research and construct their imaginary, which asks itself to be seen with intelligence and empathy.

R&D is a cooperation of the New York artists Alison Guidry and Robert Rhee.

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