The artist speaks
In Holland and Belgium there appears to be a need for debating the
arts and the art world (....)Frank Vande Veire (...) Janneke
Wesseling (....)
In my experience, many artists have doubts about what presents
itself as art criticism and about the artistic role that some curators
appropriate. Also in my experience, many artists do not stay silent
as Vande Veire stated, but reflect explicitly on being an artist and
on the context in which they are working.
Because Galerie Ferdinand van Dieten - d'Eendt, in addition to being
a gallery for excellent artists, aims at a deepening of thought
through the artworks displayed and offers a platform for the voice
of its artists, it is launching two new sites: and
On these sites artist’s texts will be published, further articles on art
philosophy, discussions on judging quality and on the functioning of
the art world etc. A forum will be initiated along with a mailing
system for newsletters.
On January 17, 2004, 5 p.m. the opening of the exhibition ”The Artist
will be celebrated by launching the two sites, mentioned
above, on which texts of the participating artists and reactions on
Frank Vande Veire will appear.