Dianne Hagen - Solo-exhibition
November 17 - December 16

Hagen, November 2000
Press Release

Galerie Ferdinand van Dieten d'Eendt presents Dianne Hagen in her first solo-exhibition in a Dutch gallery. Her work was exhibited before in Witte de With, Rotterdam (1995), De Appel, Amsterdam (1998), City Museum, Schiedam (solo - 1997) and the galleries Nelson, Paris, and Xavier Hufkens, Brussels.

The objects of Dianne Hagen are actually mises en scène, like we know from Bruce Naumann. But, in continuation of this comparison, the work of Dianne appeals in another way to the physical and handles less about big ideas.

"Art can be as much physically present as a book, you read, get trapped by it, it has something unavoidable."

They are neither sculptures, nor other already cultural coded 'things'. Still, we observe them as objects, because they contain the memory of the subjectivity of the artist as creator. The recent works of Dianne Hagen show an enlargement of this field, by works in which she manifests herself more directly, more outspoken.

Dianne Hagen, z.t., 1999, 55 cm